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TeamSpeak Setup

Follow the tutorial below to connect to the ScoutWired TeamSpeak server:

ts3 window 1

Click Connections, and then click Connect.

ts3 window 2

Fill in the blanks:

Server: teamSpeak.scoutwired.org

Nickname: (write your own nickname)

Server Password: (leave it blank, do not enter anything)

and then click Connect.

You will automatically join a channel labelled “Please select another channel”.

Enter the channel you want to join by double clicking the channel name.

The picture at the left shows a user that has successfully joined the #english channel.

Useings TeamSpeak

To use TeamSpeak you need to set up a key to act as a push to talk or PTT most users select space bar, To talk press and hold the button you have setup as the PTT and hold then let go when you have said what you wished to say. Note PTT only is to be used thair is to be no VOX microphones


You can bookmark the ScoutLink TeamSpeak server so you don’t have to write the address everytime you want to chat via TeamSpeak. Here is how:

ts3 window 4

Click on the “Bookmarks” menu.

ts3 window 5

Then click “Add to Bookmarks” button.

ts3 window 6

This should automatically add the necessary details in (circled in red). It is highly recommended that you tick Connect On Startup and delete the TeamSpeak public server if this is going to be used for JOTI.

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