Spot Trackers are a Small Portable device that can be used as a emergency Beacon and a Tracking transmitter, the Spot Trackers are becoming more popular with 4x4’s and Bush walkers, it is possible that they may become more prevalent in scouts as well. The spot service is provided by a commercial company

How it works:

The spot Tracker receives a Signal from the GPS system and then uses it as input for its message system, the Spots can send a number of massages back up to space to a commercial satellite system which is then send to earth receiving stations were the data is processed because of this the spot dose not require a Phone signal to send massages the real advantages of the SPOT’s is that you can send real time tracking information to a Google maps web page and you can send Text/email message to nominated phone numbers saying you are ok or a custom message along with a call for assistance and a emergency button. The down side of all this is that it costs an yearly subscription fee to keep the services running on the unit which is around $190 AUSD.

Function's of a Spot


Emergency assistance request sent with your GPS location to Satellites every 5 min until batteries die or until cancelled International Emergency Response alerts the appropriate agencies worldwide – for example contacting 000


Even if SPOT cannot acquire its location from the GPS network it will still attempt to send a distress signal – without exact location – which will still notify your contacts of the signal and emergency services and continue to monitor the network for further messages.


Requests help from friends and family every 5 min for 1 hour. Up to 10 contacts via SMS & email


Once activated, SPOT acquires your location from the GPS network and routes it along with the HELP message through the SPOT satellite network every five minutes for one hour or until cancelled. Your contacts will receive an SMS text message including coordinates, or an email with a link to Google Maps™ showing your location.


Even if SPOT cannot acquire its location from the GPS network it will still attempt to send a HELP message – without exact location – to your personal contacts.


Sends a pre-defined message allowing your friends and family know that all is OK along with your GPS location. With a push of a button a message is sent via email or SMS to up to 10 pre-determined contacts and your waypoint is stored in your SPOT account for later reference. Your stored waypoints can be easily integrated into a SPOT Shared Page or SPOT Adventure account.


Once you have activated your SPOT Messenger and set up your account, you can change your contacts and customize your message at any time. When you push the Check-in/OK button, you send one pre-programmed message to your contacts. Your contacts will receive an SMS text message including coordinates, or an email with a link to Google Maps™ showing your location

Track Progress

This feature allows you to send and save your location and allow contacts to track your progress in near real time using Google Maps. With your SPOT account you have the ability to set up a SPOT Shared Page which allows you to show your SPOT GPS locations to others on a Google Map. Additional service required which cost extra Per year


Once activated, SPOT acquires and sends your GPS coordinates to your SPOT account automatically every 10 minutes for 24 hours or until cancelled. SPOT tracking must be reengaged to continue. Creating a SPOT Shared Page allows you to share your GPS route with your friends and family easily in near real time on the web through a personal link. You can make your Shared Page private or public. Your choice! Just share that url with your friends and family and they can easily track your adventures. You can also link your SPOT Messenger to SPOT Adventures, a social portal, where you can set up a profile and blog with others sharing their SPOT adventures.

Type and Send

Use SPOT Connect to send custom email and text messages via satellites to your contacts. Create up to 41 character SOS, Help and Check-in/OK messages. Messages will be sent directly to the contact groups you select via email or SMS. You can even post custom messages on Twitter and Facebook. If you encounter problems, you can send custom SOS messages describing your situation, with your GPS position included

Custom Massage

This feature allows you to let your friends and family receive a custom message along with your GPS location with a push of a button. Use this feature as a secondary OK message or point of interest marker. The Custom Message functions exactly like your Check-in/OK message You can also have access to your waypoints in your SPOT account so you can review your route at a later date. Or link your SPOT account to SPOT Adventures and save a map of your adventures using your SPOT waypoints, and enhance the story with photos and a blog.

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