GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker are a device that can be used to monitor a person or asset, applications for the unit are as follows

1. Rental Equipment/ Fleet management

2. Protection of major equipment from theft

3. Protection of children, Elderly , Pets

4. Personal management

5. Covert tracking

GPS Trackers relay on the mobile phone network to send the data back to a nominated number, the problem with this is as soon as the unit is out of coverage it will not work, unlike the spot. GPS Trackers have a number of systems which makes them very versatile.

Real time tracking

Real time Tracking is a system that allows a nominated mobile number to call the unit and request a GPS location. All of this is done without the unit having to be touched

Auto Track

Auto tracking works like Real time Tracking only the unit will automatically send a SMS to a nominated mobile number with all the location data on a pre programmed interval.

Voice Surveillance

It is possible to get the unit to send the sound from its on board microphone to your mobile so that you can lessen to a conversations, this is not regally used for scout activities

Geo Fence

Geo Fence is a system that sends a SMS to a nominated mobile number if the unit steps outside a nominated area, this is a good way of keeping an eye on equipment that may be stolen, you could set it up so that if it left your grounds it sends you a SMS so you know it has been stolen, it could also be used as a way of knowing when someone has left the site and you know that they will no longer be able to help out

Movement Alert

Like Geo Fencing this system will send a SMS if it steps outside a preset range but unlike with Geo Fencing this distance is normally much smaller.

Speeding Alarm

This system sends a SMS with a pre set speed is exceeded

SOS Button

If the SOS button is pressed for longer than 3 seconds a Help message is send with the GPS location to all authorised numbers and is resent every 3 minuets until one of the mobiles call it

Goggle Maps and SMS

The SMS will be Received in following format: Lat 46.5110980 long: 6.49999560 speed: 043.0 20/01/10 13:42 bat:F imei 32483234343 Lat = Latitude // Long = longitude // speed = speed in km/hr // date // time // Bat F = full, L = low / signal F = full, L = low Got to Googlemaps 1st enter “lat” 2nd ender “long” data (the other data such as speed are irrelevant for tracking

Pros Cons
GPS location Requires a Sim card
Low equipment Cost Costs each time it send a massage
Can be used as an anti theft device Needs mobile phone signals to work
Allows real time asset management Help SMS’s go to nominated numbers not 000 or 112
Can request Help

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