Vehicle GPS

Above is pictured a Tom, Tom road GPS, there are many brands and types but that all have the same things in common

1. They all have a GPS receiver that supply’s information to the computer in the unit

2. They all have a status screen just like a navigation GPS

3. You can get the Latitude and longitude of the unit

Road GPS are a very useful tool when on the road they can warn you of speed cameras tell you were to turn and guide you home or to a friends place, the important thing to remember is that they are designed for the road if you take them hiking they are useless unless you are standing on a road it knows about it can not guide you. It is also very important to keep them up to date, road conditions can change, things like speed limits, location and speed cameras no left or right turns and one-way streets do change from time to time.

To get the Latitude and longitude off a Car GPS you often need to go into a status or set up menu from the main screen, There you will find some thing very much like the status screen from the outdoor GPS with the Latitude and longitude near it. In an emergency a Road GPS can give you the nearest Cross Street and your location to give to the Emergency services, you can also give them your Latitude and longitude but they prefer address and cross street

Pros Cons
Show roads and speed limits Can be large
Gives useful driving information such as speed cameras/black spots Mid/High Equipment cost
Easy to obtain Latitude and longitude are hidden behind menus,no WSG84 support
Work every were you can see a good amount of open sky Only shows road information
Easy to use

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