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Hexchat Setup

1. Start the HexChat application. The HexChat: Network List window will appear.

2. Enter your nick name, user name, and real name.

3. Click the Add button..

4. Change the name (New Network) to Scoutdial, then click the Edit button.

5. The HexChat: Edit ScoutLink window will appear.

6. Change the server name (newserver) to irc.scoutdial.org, then click Close button.

7. Click Connect.

HexChat: Network List window

HexChat: Network List window

HexChat: Edit ScoutLink window

HexChat: Edit ScoutDial window

As soon as you click the Connect button in HexChat: Network List window, HexChat will try to connect itself to ScoutDial. Messages displayed in the image below will be shown if the connection process is successful.

Xchat Connected

Connected to ScoutDial

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