Joti Rules

Staying Safe on On line

All JOTI services have a set of rules which are in place to protect all of our users. Everybody on the network must follow them. They apply whenever you use a ScoutLink service – including our TeamSpeak, Minecraft and IRC servers or other JOTI services, social media or email. Some of our services and channels also have additional rules which apply in addition to the rules found below.

Our network is ran and managed by volunteer adults involved in Scouting and Guiding around the world. These network staff are known as “operators”, and these people help other users and ensure that rules are being followed. The instructions of operators must be followed at all times. If you have an issue with a user, please contact an operator.

Breaking these rules will lead to a range of actions by operators, including potentially banning you from a channel or from the entire network. If you are part of a group connecting from a scout hut, library or other public place, this could result in a large number of people being punished because of the actions of one misbehaving user.

Never give out your full name, personal address, personal facebook address, personal skype name, and personal phone number, etc. to anyone while chatting or messaging.

If you receive any message from anyone that WANTS TO MEET YOU, Requests an inappropriate picture of you or requests for any personal information - DO NOT REPLY! Tell your leader immediately.

Never send or post any pictures or information that you would not want your parents, leader, police officer or boss to see also do not send or post anything that would show scouts or guides in a bad way

If something seems to not look right or you feel concerned about what you are seeing on line - DO NOT REPLY! Tell your leader immediately

Need help on Scoutlink ?

If you have an issue with another user or need help for any other reason, there are several things you should do:

* Ensure you take screenshots of issues you wish to raise, or copy/paste into a notepad. It’s very useful for operators to be able to see exactly what an error message says, or what a user said.

* You can get help by:

Asking in public for an operator. If one is around, they’ll say hello and ask how they can help. If necessary, operators can give themselves special symbols in the list of users, which allow them to use additional powers and prove that they are an operator.

Joining #help and ask there. This is a special channel which has dedicated staff available at most times of the day.

Emailing stating your nickname, issue, and copying/pasting any relevant text, for instance what an abusive user said, or an error message that you received. This is normally slower than the two methods above but means you are guaranteed a response.

Message Guidlines

1. Assume messages/posts on the internet is not secure (particularly during JOTI weekend where all in sundry may be looking at what you are sending). Never put in a message anything you would not put on a postcard

2. Respect the copyright on material that you reproduce. Almost every country has copyright laws. (Talk to your leaders if unshore)

3. Never send chain letters. Chain letters are forbidden on the internet.

4. Good rule of thumb: Be conservative in what you send liberal in what you receive. Don't send heated messages/post, even if you are provoked.

5. With writing messages/posts always keep it simple.

6. Keep in mind other peoples culture, language and humour when communicating with people in another country.

7. Use mixed case (like in this document, where capital letters are necessary). UPPER CASE LOOKS AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING and people don't like that.

8. Don't send photos, documents, sound files or any other attachments with an message as they may take too long for the recipient to download - wasting their time and money.

9. Don't trol on socal media

Network Rules (Gennral)

Scout/Guide Law

All users of JOTI Services are Scouts, Guides, or are interested in Scouting/Guiding. Both Scouting and Guiding have a law which members promise to follow; keeping your promise while on Line will prevent most of the problems listed on this page.

Offensive language and abuse

Language which is designed to offend or upset others is not allowed. Users should be polite to each other at all times. Users should also remember that JOTI sytems are an international network, and that some topics, such as politics and religion, should be treat particularly sensitively to avoid offence.

Private messages

Private messages are allowed at JOTI, but their use is discouraged because we think it’s better if a conversation takes place in a public channel. This is for two reasons: 1) it allows operators and leaders to supervise conversations, and 2) it allows other people to join in with the conversation.


People who are idle (i.e. do nothing) on the server for more than 72 hours will be removed from the server to reduce server load. Some channels and servcies will kick you if you are idle for more than 30 minutes to allow active users into the channel. Just rejoin when you are back at your computer.

Bots/proxies/Custom srips/Custom Programs

All bots must be approved by Bot Team or Tech Team before being used. The use of proxies or additional connections without authorisation is not allowed.

Adult supervision

The parents and/or leaders of young people remain ultimately responsible for their safety while on line. We recommend that young people are supervised by parents and/or leaders whilst using JOTI Servcies.


Flooding/spamming is not allowed. This includes typing lots of text very quickly or sending sounds that aren’t relevant to the current conversation, and typing text that contains lots of colours, capital letters, or symbols. This is because it makes it more difficult for people to read and have conversations with others.

Personal Info

For the safety of our users, the sharing of personal information (including but not limited to full name, email address, phone number, street address and Facebook) in public is not allowed. We suggest that groups make anonymous or group email or Skype accounts to use if they wish to communicate outside of JOTI Servcies.

Operator discretion

We recognise that it isn’t possible to include every single type of negative behaviour on this webpage, so we trust our operators to use their discretion and common sense when dealing with issues outside the scope of these rules.

If you have an issue with the way an operator has handled an issue and discussing it with them does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you can speak to their Coordinator.

Scoutlink Safeguarding Policy

The safety of all users is an important aspect of ScoutLink. We have an active volunteer team of operators which monitor all areas of the network. Every operator is trained to ensure that they are confident in carrying out their role, and has further support available within ScoutLink if they need it.

Our rules have been created to ensure that we make everybody’s experience on ScoutLink as safe as possible, without compromising the reasons that people come here – to chat to Scouts & Guides worldwide and to make new friends. Our rules are stricter than users may be used to from other networks and social media sites, related to the high proportion of young people on our network.

We treat all reports of rule-breaking seriously. Where necessary, we are committed to working with law enforcement and National Scouting Organisations (NSOs) to ensure the safety of our users.

Users who have questions relating to our rules or Safeguarding policy should direct their questions towards .

Spechal Rules for TeamSpeak

In addition to Rules stated above there are three rules every user must follow while using TeamSpeak:


People who are idle on the server for more than 30 minutes, will be moved by the bot to #idle. If you remain idle for another 30 minutes, you will be removed from the server by the bot.


Don’t broadcast sound files or have music in the background. Just use your voice.


Please don’t use the server for gaming chat, unless if you are in the minecraft channel talking about ScoutLink Minecraft .

Spechal Rules for Minecraft

In addition to Rules stated above there are three rules every user must follow while using Minecraft

1. Respect all users

2. Do not deliberately damage anotherpersons’ property or creations (‘griefing’)

3. Do not steal, or trick other users while trading.

4. Do not advertise other servers, or post any links in chat.

5. Do not abuse server mechanics or mods (including x-raying)

6. Make sure all of your creations and text are suitable for children to view

7. Do not Cheat

8. No Caps in text field

9. Do not request Mods or admins give you items

Spechal Rules for Social media

please stick to the Social media policy as detailed in below documents

Scouts Socal Media policy

Guides Socal Media policy

Spechal Rules for Social media (Picture based)

all pictures posted should be appropriate for scouting / guiding, it is recommended that a leader be present when posting picture messages

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