JOTA Rules

Staying Safe on On Air

All JOTA Frequency’s have a set of rules which are in place to protect all of our users. Everybody on the Air must follow them..

On air communications and managed by volunteer adults who are licensed by their governments to operate radios and have volunteer their time to help Scouting and Guiding around the world. These staff are known as “amateur radio operators”, and these people will run the radios and ensure that rules are being followed. The instructions of amateur radio operators must be followed at all times. you can only use a radio in the presence of a amateur radio operator

Breaking these rules will lead to a range of actions by operators; including potentially banning you from a station or sending you home.

Never give out your full name, personal address, personal facebook address, personal skype name, and personal phone number, etc. to anyone while on the radio (any one with the right radio can hear you).

What not to do while in the station

Do not touch the equipment unless the amateur radio operator tells you to

Do not talk loudly if you are not on the radio

Do not go into taped off areas

Do not use offensive words on air

what to do while in the station

Follow the requests of the amateur radio operators

Take your time as it can take time to find a contact

Respect the amateur radio operators they are give up their time and equipment for you to use

Message Guidlines

1. Assume the signal is not secure.

2. Do not sing or play music over the radio

3. Do not talk about politics or religion

4. Do not pretend to be someone else

5. keep to the scout/guide law

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