IRLP Node 6111

What is it

IRLP is a system that links Repeaters and Simplex radio Links to the internet which can then link to another such device any were in the world. The most basic device is called a node each node is given a 4 digit number the first digit indicates the region in Australia the region code is 6 then 3 other numbers, the system must be operated buy a person with a Foundation or level 1 amateur radio licence or higther

NSW JOTA-JOTI's Node 6111

NSW JOTA-JOTI runs a IRLP node number 6111 the node is currently located in Grose Vale NSW 2753 in far Western Sydney, well within the GWS region area. It is open 24/7 for all licenced radio operators to use

embedded node

Pictured above is the Node controller box that converts the received signal from the radio and turns it into internet traffic. This type of Node is called an Embedded Node, and is smaller and uses less power than standard Node controllers

icom IC208H

Pictured above is a Icom IC208H which is the radio used on Node 6111 it is tuned to 145.400Mhz and a CTCSS of 123 it is running 15 Watts on transmit. see below for coverage map as of DEC 2015

node611 map

The Coverage is based on a Mobile setup with a 3DB antenna running at 5 Watts Tx power

You can check the status of Node 6111 hear

For more information about IRLP see

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