Broadband-Hamnet™ NSW JOTA-JOTI Gateway

NSW JOTA-JOTI is testing Broadband-Hamnet™ and has a Gateway setup with the ID of VK2KFH-QTH, Currently in Far Western Sydney in Grose Vale 2753. the unit is in test mode right now running 8W of power current plans are to build the unit in a box and attached a 12 dbi outdoor antenna to it giving it a larger range, we hope to get the unit in a box and mounted on the main tower next to the IRLP 6111 soon. The unit is connected to the internet and it is possible to get internet services via it. The unit is on 24/7 but as it is still in testing phase it may cut out at any time as we preform adjustments and upgrades to be unit. Below is pictured the unit.

For more information about Broadband-Hamnet™ see the information page

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