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Guide Science and Technology Challengee

Friendship Project

Amateur Radio Foundation License

Guide Science and Technology Challenge

There are many tasks that can be used for this challenge. Some of the ones you can do as part of a JOTA or JOTI activity are listed below.

Guides can complete these activities and use them as part of the Science and Technology Challenge badge. For other ideas have a look at the Girl Guide Association website.

Choose four challenges:

Increase your computer skills

1. Internet

Check out communication methods and use one to get in touch with a friend

1. Morse Code

2. Internet relay chat (IRC)

3. Amateur Radio

4. Echolink

Create something powered by air, electricity or water

1. Electronics

Promote Guiding using technical equipment

1. digital camera

2. website

Discover how nature works by investigating a natural land form

1. beach, lake or lagoon

Create your own challenge to widen your understanding of science and technology

1. My own challenge will be to ...


Friendship Project

As part of the 2007 Friendship Project each troop was given a little "friend". They had to write on them what they thought friends and friendship meant.


Amateur Radio Foundation License

In 2005, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, ACMA, introduced an Amateur Radio Foundation license, targetted at a younger and less technical audience. The examination format for this license is typically a two day training seminar, followed by a multiple choice test and a practical examination. The Foundation License is going to be the perfect license for Scouts and Guides to get started in Amateur Radio.

See courses for more information and application for training